To exploring new materials

To moving forward

To designing with purpose and passion

To asking questions

To creativity...and beyond

To creative thinking

To exciting futures

To perpetual growth

To walking in faith

To pushing positive progress

To breaking the rules

To new beginnings, new challenges

To passionate people

To new adventures

To pushing creative boundaries

To moving forward

To accepting new challenges

To new beginnings

To opening new doors

To exploring new possibilities

To whatever is next

To redefining the norm

To creating the future

To petting dogs

To exploring every creative possibility

To mindful creations

To beyond infinity

To Alternate and Generative Worlds

To pushing boundaries

To creative solutions

To authentic stories

To take another step

To dreaming big

To celebrating differences

To a well balanced sleep schedule

To fearless growth

To getting our hands dirty

To embracing the now

To better things ahead

To initiating conversations

To the best is yet to come

To doing whatever it takes to get the job done

To winging it innovatively

To starting fresh

To continued exploration

To inspiring change

To forging the future

To showing up

To constantly evolving

To building a pragmatic future


To generative statements

The recent graduates of the York/Sheridan Joint Program in Design are excited to share with you an immersive digital showcase of the design work of over 100 students. Take the time to browse this dynamic body of work, ranging from communication design to interaction design and absolutely everything in between. This digital showcase is not an end–but a continuation. Commemorating a journey of endless learning and growth.